👠 – Let me introduce myself…

👠 – I am one of the contributors of this blog.  This is my Red Shoe. I will use my sign each time I post something!

I hail from the Beautiful South Africa and am currently living in Los Angeles. I live here with my wonderful husband and two little girls, and it is with my oldest that my Vegan story begins…..

I was roughly 3 months pregnant at the time when I was watching a show on television of which Alicia Silverstone was one of the guests. She was discussing Veganism and her book, The Kind Diet.  Me being very much a carnivore at this point was like, What?? Why?? Having nothing better to do, I sat and watched and listened. Okay, you can bake a cake WITHOUT eggs? Never knew that. Cool. So why do we use them then? Interesting…. It genuinely made sense to me. Then they aired some clips from Food, Inc. They had me. Hook, Line and Sinker. Mission accomplished. I felt compelled to TRY to go at least one month without eating ANY animal products. I ordered the book and when it arrived I finished reading it in a day. A DAY! You don’t know me, but I tell you, this was a fast read for me. I usually take ages to read a book. Granted there are Recipes in the book, but I READ each and every one of them. This was all new to me. I had so much to learn. I had No idea exactly HOW much I was going to learn. That was January 2010. Now I have two children who I am raising Vegan. I’m learning everyday still. The way I look and think about food has changed so much. I’m super happy about having made the change. It has been a tough experience for so many reasons!

I have found that Veganism is one of THOSE topics. The ones you avoid like the Plague…. Religion, Politics and Sports. It’s especially important to be tactful about it and choosing the right moments to mention this to others. Actions speak louder that words in some cases. Don’t convince, Influence!

Thanks for visiting!

👠 – Naómi


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